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American Horror Story: Lung Cancer

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Holy. Fucking. Shit!


Holy. Fucking. Shit!

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I think it wasn’t fair that in the dance party at the end of the season, only two of you got to be in it. So i’m calling a dance party right now. [x]

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BioShock is one of the most popular series in video games. Now fans of BioShock and the most recent BioShock Infinite might be getting a new treat.

A teaser on 2K United Kingdom’s Twitter account seems to indicate BioShock is coming back in one form or another. That is good news for people who thought the BioShock series was dead once the studio responsible for the most popular aspects of the series shut down.

2K games teased the arrival of something new, or perhaps something old done in a new way, by tweeting an image referencing Eve’s Garden. This is a location players visit during the story of the original BioShock.

This wasn’t a mistake or a benign posting that has accidentally fired up fans. 2K clearly wanted to get people excited, considering the image was accompanied with the caption “OOOO what could this mean?”

Not surprisingly, there are plenty of theories out there, guessing at what this BioShock teaser could indeed mean for the future of the franchise. Some people, are wondering if this might finally be an announcement of BioShock for the Vita.

That game had long ago been canceled but there are those who are still pushing for it to be brought back. The more likely scenario would seem to be 2K following in the footsteps of Naughty Dog and Sony.

With the release of the remastered The Last of Us series coming on Tuesday, it seems other game companies are wanting in on the action. There have also been rumors that Naughty Dog and Sony are going to start working on a remastered series of Uncharted.

BioShock would be a game that could certainly take advantage of the enhanced computing power of the Xbox One and the PS4. The graphics for BioShock Infinite especially were already pretty breathtaking on current gen consoles. What the city in the sky might look like on next gen consoles should get anyone who loves games excited.

Putting together all three of the BioShock games, or even just the original BioShock and BioShock Infinite put together in a game for the PS4 and Xbox One, is a distinct possibility.

CVG is floating another possibility that could get BioShock fans plenty excited. There is always the chance that a brand new BioShock game, possibly set in the underwater city featured in the first game, could show up.

Whatever the newest BioShock news is, it seems likely it will be quite exciting.

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how many calories do u burn by sliding down a wall crying



i hate u

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"The Flicking Candle Company"

lol clever clever clever use of name AND font.

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someone use my pics to catfish someone so nev can call me

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10.000 feet... 15.000 feet... Hallelujah

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Darling, darling

You know I never meant to drag you down

Standing at the bar with your scars and your lonely heart

So let’s leave this dead end town

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My favorite Anna and Elsa moments in which I think they look the most beautiful 

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